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Family Adventure Day4 trek : Adieu until next time

Today I woke up with mixed feelings – “of elation” at having successfully completed the family adventure trekking with kids and “some anxiety” that the trip was coming to a close. Having thoroughly enjoyed...

Family Adventure Trek Day 3 69

Family Adventure Day3 trek : Exploring Crystal Cave and its surroundings

Day3 of this family adventure trek was dedicated to completely immersing ourselves in the natural beauty that surrounded us. My plan was to explore and photograph the Crystal cave meadows, flitting butterflies, Himalayan griffin,...

Family Adventure Trek Day 2 41

Family Adventure TrekDay2 : Serolsar Lake to Shepherd’s Hut

That was the original plan for Day2 of this family adventure but destiny had its own ideas. Read the story as it unfolds ! I think (since I was not awake to confirm), sunrise...