Monthly Archive: June 2016


A trip that will stay with us for a lifetime – Nathu La

My son had read about Nathu La in school. This was on my have-to-visit list and help him appreciate the tough conditions our defence personnel live in, day in and day out, to keep...


Experience Gangtok in all its splendour

Gangtok was the nodal point of our Sikkim itinerary. Situated at 5410 ft, it is a bustling town and capital of Sikkim. In 2016, it was ranked as the 8th cleanest city in India...


Haunting tale of Kuldhara – A ghost village

The mystery of Kuldhara entices everyone’s imagination. What were the events leading to Kuldhara turning into a ghost village,  overnight ? There are intriguing stories around these – some believable, others continue to be...